The task tracking system, by Glenn Jenkins

The aims

Warning This is not a commercial product!

It exists to allow me to:

Be Aware

Danger Please assume all data you enter on this site will be publicly visible

Danger I reserve the right to delete any data on this system, including users, projects, tickets, comments, etc

Note I have used JIRA in the past, so any resemblance is unintentional

Now, have some fun

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Main Technical Features

  • Laravel MVC framework and Twitter Bootstrap GUI.
  • Ticket descriptions & comments support markdown; used Parsedown to display
  • Tickets can be related to other tickets and have:
    • multiple parents
    • multiple children
    • Unlimited levels of parent-child relationships
    • dependencies
    • associations (ie "See also")
    • Can be defined in the ticket description, or explicitly
  • Date/time chooser courtesy of datetimepicker.
  • Project "TickTack" in this application contains tickets for future fixes/enhancements. Register/log in to see them.

What I Want You To Do

I want to be as good as I possibly can be at all aspects of (LAMP) web development. My skills have become a little out of date, hence this project.

I need your help to point out where I can improve, things I should investigate, etc. I don't mind if you focus on one or two areas and give me feedback on them. Please use this application and its GitHub repository. Be as frank as you like - I'm very keen to improve. For your feedback, either add tickets or comments, or email me.

Areas to consider (ie where I want to improve):

  • MVC generally
  • Security
  • Unit Tests (not implemented yet)
  • API
  • JavaScript, JQuery (and AJAX, DOM manipulation) (not much in there at the moment)
  • Appearance, RWD
  • Ease of use, quality of features
  • Readability of code (PHP, JavaScript)
  • Automation - SASS, Composer, etc (not started yet)
  • Smartphone App (not started yet)
  • Anything else you can think of!